Our Unique Exhaust Function – A Handy Addition to the CoolBreeze Air Conditioner

Exhaust function CoolBreeze

CoolBreeze sucks
Yes, CoolBreeze sucks – and that’s a good thing.

Burnt toast, pets, teenage boys – they are only some of the things that can cause noxious odours to permeate the home. The good news is that CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioners have a unique exhaust function that solves that problem.

Winter smells
In winter, when the house is closed to keep in the warmth, some odours can be difficult to get rid of. Turning on a standard evaporative air conditioner to blast the smells or smoke out pushes the cold air inside and will chill the house – which is the last thing you want at that time. A refrigerated system won’t do you any good either; it just spreads the smell throughout the whole house.

The answer is CoolBreeze. The system has a sophisticated exhaust function that gently the sucks the smells and smoke out – starting at ceiling level where most of the smoke hangs. Many CoolBreeze users switch on the exhaust function all year round just to keep the house fresh and to get rid of the stuffy air.

Don’t forget to mention this unique and useful feature to families and pet owners.

Did you know?
There are over 100 different combinations of CoolBreeze air conditioners. This wide variety ensures that each customer gets exactly the unit they want.

10 sizes, 5 colours, 2 designs, 2 controllers
CoolBreeze comes in two designs: the traditional Heritage and the roof-hugging Cascade, along with a choice of the simple to use QM controller or the advanced QA controller. But that’s not all. The unit is available in five colours: red, beige, green, grey and black – which you won’t find anywhere else.

Add to that the 10 different unit sizes the customer can choose between, and you have over 100 combinations of air conditioners.

There’s little doubt that there’s a CoolBreeze to suit everybody and every home.

Best Air Conditioner Water Distribution by CoolBreeze

CoolBreeze WaterWise system

More holes are better than one
Confucius said that “Life is simple, but we insist on complicating it” and the same could be said of some air conditioning designs.

The Water Distribution System on CoolBreeze units, however, is simple but clever. The design has 16 holes, and a spreader inserts, over each pad for complete filter pad saturation.

One hole can get blocked
Some brands have complicated, fancy water distributors with just one hole per pad. If that one hole was to be blocked with debris or insects it could lead to the whole pad drying out. This can be critical on those brands still using old-fashioned drum fans that draw most of their air through the two side pads.

The picture above shows a one-hole water system and a drum fan that draws most of its air through two sides only.

The CoolBreeze simplicity
On a CoolBreeze however, the effect would be minimal as there are several holes and a pressurised water system that keep the pads saturated.

Stick with CoolBreeze – more holes are better than one.

Did you know?

A University of South Australia study shows that the leading cause of death and serious injury to men over 70 is falling from ladders.

No need to get on the roof
Remember to show your clients the features of the CoolBreeze Water Management System and Four Seasons Weather Seal. Those features eliminate the need for the homeowner to get up on the roof to fit or remove a tarp or to wash out the air conditioning unit.

CoolBreeze Cascade – the Brad Pitt of air conditioning

CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioning

The Brad Pitt of air conditioning
We like to call our Cascade superstar model the “Brad Pitt”. Why? Because it’s got good looks and it’s cool.

CoolBreeze developed the under-fan motor initially to help the motor run cooler for longer life but soon realised an additional benefit – this design allows for a more compact unit on the roof.

Two models
CoolBreeze units are available in two styles, the traditional Heritage style and the roof-hugging, low-profile Cascade (pictured left), surely one of the best looking air conditioning units on the market.

Street appeal
As much as your customers will love their CoolBreeze, they don’t want it to dominate the look of their house. One brand describes their unit as “almost invisible”, but in fact, it’s nearly two metres high – that just about counts as a second-storey addition.

Don’t forget to offer your customers the option of the stylish Cascade for better street appeal to their home.

Did you know?
Every CoolBreeze unit is tested before dispatch, to ensure each detail works. This test run is the very last step before the unit is packed into its box.

Giving you confidence
We do this so you can have confidence in the CoolBreeze product, knowing that it will work first time, and every time. That’s good for your customers but it’s good for you too. You know that the risk of having a DOA is almost nil.

This is just one more reason why you can have total confidence in CoolBreeze natural air conditioning.

Why choose CoolBreeze evaporative units over refrigerative aircons?

why choose a CoolBreeze

If you think twice about turning your refrigerative aircon on during the summer because of high power costs, it might be time to try a CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioning system. Highly effective and cheap in more ways than one, this hi-tech wonder offers a slew of benefits that make it a better choice than most conventional cooling systems.

The Perth climate can be prone to temperature highs that are downright uncomfortable. If you own a refrigerative air conditioner, chances are that you cannot do anything about the heat either, what with the possibility of spending hundreds of dollars on your power bill.

With a CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioning system, comfort doesn’t come at a costly price. As one of the most cost-effective cooling systems out in the market today, it offers a number of benefits over conventional air conditioners that you will definitely like and find ideal for your home. Here they are:

This is perhaps one of the most obvious differences between conventional and evaporative air conditioners. Evaporative units cost just a fraction of refrigerative units. They also use less electricity to run, so your power bill comes out lower even if you use your air conditioner the entire summer.

You will find that CoolBreeze aircon units have incorporated technologies that allow them to adequately manage the power and water they use. For this reason, you can trust that you will not be incurring high water costs because of your air conditioner.

Fresh air
Refrigerative units cool air by circulating air and cooling it with every cycle. Because of this, you need to keep your doors and windows closed. While the process effectively cools the air, it also creates stale air and keeps potentially harmful substances, such as microbes and allergens, inside the room.

With CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioning systems, air is cooled by the natural process of water evaporation. The cooling process happens continuously and does not require windows and doors to be closed. This means that the air inside your home is always fresh. This also makes CoolBreeze units more advantageous, considering the Australians’ natural love for freedom and space.

CoolBreeze evap air conditioners are equipped with features and options that make them reliable partners during the summer and even through the seasons that follow. For one, they are made with a sturdy all-polymer build that allows them to withstand external factors like weather and artificial substances that can prove ruinous to conventional cooling units.

Each evaporative air conditioner is also equipped with technology that allows it to maximise everything from the water to the power it uses. All of the parts used in each machine are checked for quality to minimise the need for premature replacements as long as proper maintenance steps are followed.

As mentioned, CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioners come with innovative technologies for superior performance and reliability. The Direct Drive Fan means that the motor is directly connected to the fan, unlike other cooling units where belts and gears are used to transfer the energy from the motor to the fan. This ensures that no energy is lost or displaced between the fan and the motor, resulting to greater cooling power.

The Intelligent Water Management System ensures that unused water is flushed out to minimise or prevent the build-up of mildew and other substances that can ruin the integrity of the machine. Meanwhile, the Magna-Sensor is a revolutionary alternative to the usual rubber floaters and washers used to determine water level. Magna-Sensors do not need to be replaced. They also keep water away from electronic parts to prevent short circuits and other electronic mishaps,

Finally, ducted CoolBreeze evaporated systems come with an Exhaust Mode. This functionality allows you to use your aircon as an exhaust for getting rid of everything from smoke to dust and odours.

Refrigerants, used for cooling in refrigerative air conditioners, have long been understood to contribute to the thinning of the ozone layer. Evaporative units do not use refrigerants. Instead, they employ a natural way of cooling that makes them highly friendly to the environment. Additionally, because you use less power, you leave fewer carbon footprints compared to refrigerative air conditioners.

Like conventional cooling units, CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioners can be used outside of summer. They also operate very quietly, so you can sleep even while the air conditioning system is operational.

It’s time to stop enduring the heat just because your refrigerative air conditioner is expensive to use. CoolBreeze air conditioning systems are effective, reliable, cost-efficient and equipped with features that make it the best solution for cooling your home.