Energy Savings with Evaporative Air Conditioning

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Evaporative air conditioning is a popular choice for homes due to it’s energy and money saving capabilities. So what are the main benefits and what can you do to increase your energy savings even more?

Benefit: Save Energy, Save Money
Since the only electricity usage is generated by a pump and a fan, evaporative air conditioners are significantly cheaper to run compared to reverse cycle air conditioning. You can enjoy a cool home without the burden of worrying that your energy bill is going to shoot through the roof. On top of cheaper running costs, this system is also significantly cheaper to purchase and install when compared to ducted reverse cycle systems, costing between $3,000 – $6,000.

Benefit: Cheap to Maintain Efficiency
Regular maintenance is an important part of ensuring your air conditioner is running efficiently and saving energy. On top of lower running costs, it is relatively cheap to maintain because the parts are affordable and the units last a long time.

Tip: Install a Whirly Bird
To really boost the energy saving capability of your evaporative air conditioner you should consider installing a security relief vent and two whirly birds (roof space ventilators). These help circulate air and remove the hot air that gets trapped in your roof space, meaning less heat radiating from your roof space into your home and more efficient cooling.

Tip: Install a Security Relief Vent
The added advantage of having a security relief vent, is that you can run your air conditioner on low without having your doors and windows open. This is great for keeping your home cool overnight or to prevent excessive summer heat build-up whilst you are away from home.

Customer Made Dropper Chutes for CoolBreeze Air Conditioners

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Custom-Made for Every Home
The CoolBreeze dropper chute was introduced almost ten years ago and has been installed in thousands of homes across Australia.

Less noise
The dropper chute is custom-made to suit every individual home and can help reduce noise levels by up to 7db. It also allows the unit to be mounted lower on the roof than plastic droppers.

Extra tough
The super-tough reflective insulation material used is far superior to imitation bag-style droppers that use woven fabric that can leak air under pressure.

Balanced distribution of air
The greatest benefit of the dropper chute is its ability to provide a balanced distribution through ducting of various sizes. This self-balancing effect reduces back-pressure on the motor and fan and can improve air distribution by up to 15%. That can mean hundreds of litres extra every second.

Problems Caused By Dirty Filters in Refrigerated Air Conditioning Units

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5 Problems Caused by Dirty Filters
Failure to regularly clean the filters in refrigerated air conditioning units can cause a wide array of problems including:

1. Overheating – a clogged filter makes the unit work harder to make up for the blockage of air flow. This can cause the blower motor to overheat and lead to system failure.

2. Increased energy consumption – The harder the unit has to work to push air through a clogged filter, the more energy the air conditioner will consume.

3. Unhealthy air – Your air filter captures dirt and other particles if it’s clogged. Unfiltered air can bypass your filter and circulate throughout your home. The ductwork can become dirty as well with mould and bacteria. The indoor pollution can cause symptoms such as fatigue, itchy eyes, headaches, sore throat, and breathing difficulties.

4. Inadequate amount of cooling – Because a clogged air filter causes airflow issues, the home can experience hot and cold spots, making it harder to reach the desired indoor temperature levels.

5. Frozen evaporator coils – The evaporator coils absorb heat from your home’s return air. If a clogged filter is restricting airflow, the evaporator coils might not receive enough heat from your home’s air, which can cause them to freeze over and shut down the system.

The self-cleaning CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioner, provides a constant supply of fresh, filtered air throughout the home.

Security Relief Grilles – A Handy Addition to the CoolBreeze Air Conditioner

5 Reasons for Security Grilles

5 Reasons for Security Grilles 
Security Relief Grilles are useful for security conscious people who always keep their windows closed. But don’t forget that there is so much more to them.

  1. By venting cool air into the roof space, they push out the big bubble of hot air that builds up inside. This has a dramatic effect on the heat load on the home and helps cool it quicker.
  2. They act as a pressure relief valve if all the doors and windows are accidentally closed.
  3. They are handy to help direct air flow throughout the home.
  4. Sometimes it’s necessary to close windows due to noise issues; the air grille keeps the CoolBreeze unit running smoothly.
  5. If there is a strong breeze blowing hot air in through the windows, it may be better to keep them closed. The grille will then keep the air-con unit running nicely.

With so many reasons to install a Security Relief Grille maybe we should change their name – how about the Multi-function Air-pressure Diverter – or MAD for short?


Did You Know?
With a list of industry firsts as long as your arm, CoolBreeze has revolutionised the design of evaporative air conditioners in Australia.

Long list
CoolBreeze was the first manufacturer to include these features in residential evaps:

  • Under fan motor
  • Filter Media filter pads across its entire range
  • Water management system as standard for all models
  • Bush-fire mode
  • Exhaust mode
  • Automatic weather-seal
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Counter weight drain valve
  • Magnetic water level sensing
  • Intermittent powered solenoid
  • Dimpled fan blades
  • Inline water filter with non-return tap
  • Paint can to match dropper colour included

More innovations on the way
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the rest of the evap manufacturers must really love CoolBreeze because they like to copy our ideas. Just wait until they see what we’ve got on the drawing board for next year.

CoolBreeze Air Conditioning Is Cheaper to Buy, Cheaper to Run and Cheaper to Repair

CoolBreeze is cost efficient

Cheaper to Buy, Cheaper to Run and Cheaper to Repair
CoolBreeze air conditioners are amazing value for money. Your customers get a top quality, Australian made evaporative cooler with all the features included. Plus, the clever design means CoolBreeze delivers more air for less energy – another saving for your customers.

Lowest prices for parts
We have compared a basket of spare parts between the large 210 model from one of Australia’s biggest evaporative cooling companies against the equivalent CoolBreeze model. The parts in the basket were: motor, main PCB, pump, solenoid, float valve, drain valve and a set of pads.

69% more expensive
The result was a whopping 69% dearer for the other brand; almost $1,000 more. CoolBreeze spare parts – yet another saving for your customer.

The Auto Clean Cycle of a CoolBreeze Air Conditioner

coolbreeze auto clean

Does CoolBreeze Have An Obsession With Cleanliness?
With its automatic cleaning program you could be excused for thinking that CoolBreeze is obsessed with being clean.

  • A CoolBreeze aircon washes itself before start-up to clean out any dust, dirt or pollen that may have built up since the last use.
  • It drains all the water after every 5 hours of use.
  • At shut-down, it drains all the old water and then flushes the unit with fresh water.
  • No water is left in the unit between use.

Filter pads live longer
This daily cleaning program protects and extends the life of the CoolCel filter pads. It ensures maximum cooling performance and reduces maintenance costs. It also gives confidence that fresh clean air is constantly being introduced into the home. It prevents the build-up of mould, bacteria and insect breeding.

Why doesn’t everyone use a system like this?
Because CoolBreeze only holds about as much water as a toilet flush – not the 30 to 40 litres on most other evaps.


Long Term Support Recognised
CoolBreeze dealer Craig Stewart Electrical in Wagga Wagga was recently featured in the local newspaper.

From the Wagga Wagga Daily Advertiser:
Family-run Riverina business, Craig Stewart Electrical has been recognised as a fantastic distributer by leading air-conditioning manufacturer, CoolBreeze. The business has distributed Coolbreeze evaporative coolers for 20 years, something CoolBreeze Sales Manager Bruce Dargavel said: “did not go unnoticed”. Mr Dargavel presented Mr Stewart with an award as a token of his long-term commitment.

Read the full story here.

How You Can Benefit From the Clever Fan Design in CoolBreeze Air Conditioners

best fan for air conditioning

Why golf ball dimples are clever

Just as the dimples on a golf ball reduce drag and allow the ball to travel further, the unique design of the CoolBreeze Powerflow fan features drag-reducing dimples for more airflow, greater efficiency and less noise.

Proven in test
Despite what other manufacturers may tell you, tests show that the largest CoolBreeze model, at identical airflows, is quieter than the drum-fan models and brands.

Did you know?

The annual running costs of a refrigerated unit is around $1,244 compared to $218 for a CoolBreeze.

Only the Best Motor for Australia’s Number One Evaporative Air Conditioner

CoolBreeze motor

100 Years of Quality
Westinghouse have been making electric motors for over one hundred years. They make motors from ¼ hp right up to 100,000 hp – now that would pump some air. In 1988 Westinghouse and Teco formed a joint venture designing and building electric motors. They are now the third largest motor manufacturer in the world.

Our first choice
Westinghouse was our first choice when looking for a custom designed motor to suit the unique requirements of CoolBreeze air conditioners. Some manufacturers of evaporative coolers use low-budget off-the-shelf motors or make their own motors in low volume. Some persevere with inefficient plastic cased motors.

Only the Best
CoolBreeze though has made a conscious decision to use only the best products from one of the world’s leading electric motor companies. We want to give you total confidence in the product you’re selling to your customers.

The Australian government recommends evaporative air conditioning. The government website makes the following statements:

“Your second choice (after fans) for mechanical cooling should be evaporative coolers”

“[Refrigerative] air conditioners are expensive to run and produce more greenhouse gas”

That makes it official – everyone should choose evaporative air conditioning.

CoolBreeze 4 Seasons Weather Seal Eliminates the Need to Bag Your Evaporative Air Conditioner Through Winter

weather seal CoolBreeze all seasons

Better than a bag
CoolBreeze 4 Seasons Weather Seal eliminates the need to get up on the roof. You don’t need to cover up the unit during winter.
We’ve all seen evaporative air conditioners covered up with bags or tarps over winter to prevent cold drafts blowing into the unit and throughout the home. Covers also prevent the air inside your home that’s been warmed up by your heater from disappearing up through the vents.
And, let’s be honest, some air conditioners are so ugly, they need a bag over them.

The draw-backs
There are two draw-backs with bags. First, you have to climb up on the roof twice a year or pay a service technician $100 or more each time to fit them. The second is deciding when to remove them. We often have hot spring days in October or November and you can’t use your air conditioner if it’s covered up.

Always ready to go
Wouldn’t it be better to have an air conditioner that is always ready to go, on the first hot day of the season? The optional CoolBreeze 4 Seasons Weather Seal automatically closes and seals off the dropper each time the unit is switched off. With the CoolBreeze 4 Season Weather Seal, the unit is always ready to go.

Market analysis
A recent market analysis by JMG Consulting identified low running costs, natural and healthy living, effective cooling, eco-friendliness and the Aussie indoor/outdoor lifestyle as key issues when choosing an air conditioner. As you will see, the new brochure highlights these topics.
It’s important that we identify what features will appeal to each individual client. For example, an elderly person might be interested in the simple to use QM controller while a young mum might be more interested in the water savings from the CoolBreeze water management system.

Thoughtful Engineering – Minimal Water Usage in CoolBreeze Air Conditioners


Magnetic Attraction

We all know that water and electronics are not a good combination. This presents a challenge for air conditioner manufacturers to find reliable, low-cost and simple ways to maintain the water level in the unit.

Old systems waste water

The traditional method has been to use a float valve, like you’d find in an old toilet cistern, but these have their limitations. The constant opening and closing causes wear on the pivots, on the valve seat and the washer inside. These issues lead to wasted water from leaks and also mean that the float valve needs constant adjustment to maintain the correct water level.

Magnetic field technology

To overcome these draw-backs, CoolBreeze developed the Magna-Sensor which uses a magnetic field to trigger the water inlet once the water level drops to a pre-set point. Set it once and it never needs to be adjusted again.

Did you know?

CoolBreeze air conditioning units are exported to over 30 countries around the world. We send units as far as Azerbaijan and Zimbabwe.

Spain, Morocco and China

As you might expect, the CoolBreeze units regularly go to the Mediterranean countries like Spain, Italy and Greece but we also send them to the United Arab Emirates, Morocco and Algeria.

You might be surprised to learn that we have big export markets in Asian countries including Philippines, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Another interesting country is China. It seems that these days everything is made in China, so we are really pleased to send them our air conditioners.