Best Air Conditioner Water Distribution by CoolBreeze

More holes are better than one
Confucius said that “Life is simple, but we insist on complicating it” and the same could be said of some air conditioning designs.

The Water Distribution System on CoolBreeze units, however, is simple but clever. The design has 16 holes, and a spreader inserts, over each pad for complete filter pad saturation.

One hole can get blocked
Some brands have complicated, fancy water distributors with just one hole per pad. If that one hole was to be blocked with debris or insects it could lead to the whole pad drying out. This can be critical on those brands still using old-fashioned drum fans that draw most of their air through the two side pads.

The picture above shows a one-hole water system and a drum fan that draws most of its air through two sides only.

The CoolBreeze simplicity
On a CoolBreeze however, the effect would be minimal as there are several holes and a pressurised water system that keep the pads saturated.

Stick with CoolBreeze – more holes are better than one.

Did you know?

A University of South Australia study shows that the leading cause of death and serious injury to men over 70 is falling from ladders.

No need to get on the roof
Remember to show your clients the features of the CoolBreeze Water Management System and Four Seasons Weather Seal. Those features eliminate the need for the homeowner to get up on the roof to fit or remove a tarp or to wash out the air conditioning unit.

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