CoolBreeze Cascade – the Brad Pitt of air conditioning

The Brad Pitt of air conditioning
We like to call our Cascade superstar model the “Brad Pitt”. Why? Because it’s got good looks and it’s cool.

CoolBreeze developed the under-fan motor initially to help the motor run cooler for longer life but soon realised an additional benefit – this design allows for a more compact unit on the roof.

Two models
CoolBreeze units are available in two styles, the traditional Heritage style and the roof-hugging, low-profile Cascade (pictured left), surely one of the best looking air conditioning units on the market.

Street appeal
As much as your customers will love their CoolBreeze, they don’t want it to dominate the look of their house. One brand describes their unit as “almost invisible”, but in fact, it’s nearly two metres high – that just about counts as a second-storey addition.

Don’t forget to offer your customers the option of the stylish Cascade for better street appeal to their home.

Did you know?
Every CoolBreeze unit is tested before dispatch, to ensure each detail works. This test run is the very last step before the unit is packed into its box.

Giving you confidence
We do this so you can have confidence in the CoolBreeze product, knowing that it will work first time, and every time. That’s good for your customers but it’s good for you too. You know that the risk of having a DOA is almost nil.

This is just one more reason why you can have total confidence in CoolBreeze natural air conditioning.

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