Our Unique Exhaust Function – A Handy Addition to the CoolBreeze Air Conditioner

CoolBreeze sucks
Yes, CoolBreeze sucks – and that’s a good thing.

Burnt toast, pets, teenage boys – they are only some of the things that can cause noxious odours to permeate the home. The good news is that CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioners have a unique exhaust function that solves that problem.

Winter smells
In winter, when the house is closed to keep in the warmth, some odours can be difficult to get rid of. Turning on a standard evaporative air conditioner to blast the smells or smoke out pushes the cold air inside and will chill the house – which is the last thing you want at that time. A refrigerated system won’t do you any good either; it just spreads the smell throughout the whole house.

The answer is CoolBreeze. The system has a sophisticated exhaust function that gently the sucks the smells and smoke out – starting at ceiling level where most of the smoke hangs. Many CoolBreeze users switch on the exhaust function all year round just to keep the house fresh and to get rid of the stuffy air.

Don’t forget to mention this unique and useful feature to families and pet owners.

Did you know?
There are over 100 different combinations of CoolBreeze air conditioners. This wide variety ensures that each customer gets exactly the unit they want.

10 sizes, 5 colours, 2 designs, 2 controllers
CoolBreeze comes in two designs: the traditional Heritage and the roof-hugging Cascade, along with a choice of the simple to use QM controller or the advanced QA controller. But that’s not all. The unit is available in five colours: red, beige, green, grey and black – which you won’t find anywhere else.

Add to that the 10 different unit sizes the customer can choose between, and you have over 100 combinations of air conditioners.

There’s little doubt that there’s a CoolBreeze to suit everybody and every home.

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