Only the Best Motor for Australia’s Number One Evaporative Air Conditioner

100 Years of Quality
Westinghouse have been making electric motors for over one hundred years. They make motors from ¼ hp right up to 100,000 hp – now that would pump some air. In 1988 Westinghouse and Teco formed a joint venture designing and building electric motors. They are now the third largest motor manufacturer in the world.

Our first choice
Westinghouse was our first choice when looking for a custom designed motor to suit the unique requirements of CoolBreeze air conditioners. Some manufacturers of evaporative coolers use low-budget off-the-shelf motors or make their own motors in low volume. Some persevere with inefficient plastic cased motors.

Only the Best
CoolBreeze though has made a conscious decision to use only the best products from one of the world’s leading electric motor companies. We want to give you total confidence in the product you’re selling to your customers.

The Australian government recommends evaporative air conditioning. The government website makes the following statements:

“Your second choice (after fans) for mechanical cooling should be evaporative coolers”

“[Refrigerative] air conditioners are expensive to run and produce more greenhouse gas”

That makes it official – everyone should choose evaporative air conditioning.

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