CoolBreeze 4 Seasons Weather Seal Eliminates the Need to Bag Your Evaporative Air Conditioner Through Winter

Better than a bag
CoolBreeze 4 Seasons Weather Seal eliminates the need to get up on the roof. You don’t need to cover up the unit during winter.
We’ve all seen evaporative air conditioners covered up with bags or tarps over winter to prevent cold drafts blowing into the unit and throughout the home. Covers also prevent the air inside your home that’s been warmed up by your heater from disappearing up through the vents.
And, let’s be honest, some air conditioners are so ugly, they need a bag over them.

The draw-backs
There are two draw-backs with bags. First, you have to climb up on the roof twice a year or pay a service technician $100 or more each time to fit them. The second is deciding when to remove them. We often have hot spring days in October or November and you can’t use your air conditioner if it’s covered up.

Always ready to go
Wouldn’t it be better to have an air conditioner that is always ready to go, on the first hot day of the season? The optional CoolBreeze 4 Seasons Weather Seal automatically closes and seals off the dropper each time the unit is switched off. With the CoolBreeze 4 Season Weather Seal, the unit is always ready to go.

Market analysis
A recent market analysis by JMG Consulting identified low running costs, natural and healthy living, effective cooling, eco-friendliness and the Aussie indoor/outdoor lifestyle as key issues when choosing an air conditioner. As you will see, the new brochure highlights these topics.
It’s important that we identify what features will appeal to each individual client. For example, an elderly person might be interested in the simple to use QM controller while a young mum might be more interested in the water savings from the CoolBreeze water management system.

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