Thoughtful Engineering – Minimal Water Usage in CoolBreeze Air Conditioners

Magnetic Attraction

We all know that water and electronics are not a good combination. This presents a challenge for air conditioner manufacturers to find reliable, low-cost and simple ways to maintain the water level in the unit.

Old systems waste water

The traditional method has been to use a float valve, like you’d find in an old toilet cistern, but these have their limitations. The constant opening and closing causes wear on the pivots, on the valve seat and the washer inside. These issues lead to wasted water from leaks and also mean that the float valve needs constant adjustment to maintain the correct water level.

Magnetic field technology

To overcome these draw-backs, CoolBreeze developed the Magna-Sensor which uses a magnetic field to trigger the water inlet once the water level drops to a pre-set point. Set it once and it never needs to be adjusted again.

Did you know?

CoolBreeze air conditioning units are exported to over 30 countries around the world. We send units as far as Azerbaijan and Zimbabwe.

Spain, Morocco and China

As you might expect, the CoolBreeze units regularly go to the Mediterranean countries like Spain, Italy and Greece but we also send them to the United Arab Emirates, Morocco and Algeria.

You might be surprised to learn that we have big export markets in Asian countries including Philippines, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Another interesting country is China. It seems that these days everything is made in China, so we are really pleased to send them our air conditioners.

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