Residential Ducted Air Conditioner Installation – CoolBreeze Guide

So you’ve decided on evap?  Take a look at our general step by step guide explaining what’s involved with a standard CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioner home installation.  Each home is unique and install can vary from place to place.  Although each installer has their own process, our guide is designed to give you an indication of what you can expect when having a CoolBreeze installed in your home.

CoolBreeze Evaporative Air Conditioning provides natural cooling to the home or work space via a unit usually placed on the roof, pushing cool air through ceiling ducting and keeping each room the same comfortable temperature.  Evaporative cooling is one of the cheapest types of air conditioning on the market and is perfect for people who want to enjoy 100% fresh, circulated air.

Where do you start? A guide to Evaporative Air Con Installation.

  1. Firstly you will need to get in contact with a reputable dealer to gain a quote. We can put you in touch with an authorised CoolBreeze dealer via our contact form on our website or you can contact us by phone on 1300 266 527.  You can also visit an authorised dealer in-store and speak with a dealer for advice.
  2. The CoolBreeze dealer will calculate your system requirements either from your house plans or during an in-home inspection.  The dealer with present you with a quote to supply and install a complete CoolBreeze air-conditioning system.
  3. Your quote should give a clear recommendation of the correct product and application to suit your home.  Once you have agreed on price and payment, your authorised dealer will confirm an installation date with you.
  4. The air-conditioning unit and associated parts will be delivered to your home or the installer may bring them with him when attending at installation.
  5. Your installer will arrive on site and advise the most suitable position of outlets in your ceiling and placement of the unit on your roof.
  6. The install team will then join ducting and componentry and fit dropper to location as discussed.
  7. The installer assembles the unit on the roof – CoolBreeze units are flat packed reducing the potential for the installer to damage the roof or tiles during transit of a heavy product.
  8. The installer marks out outlet positions within the home (ceiling) and places drop sheets prior to cutting vents in the ceiling. Ducting will be drawn through the roof space and connected to the vent and fitted to the dropper.
  9. A plumber will attend site and discuss 40 mm waste position (where the water drains) with you. We recommend that you utilise this water on your garden where possible.
  10. An electrician will discuss the preferred position of the controller. On double brick construction it’s generally on an external cavity wall.
  11. Usually the last person on the job will commission the air conditioner and assist you with air con operation.
  12. Your warranty details are in your CoolBreeze green folder. Please fill in your warranty card details and send back to the appropriate address.
  13. Comcool Guarantee – CoolBreeze guarantees the performance of your air conditioning unit – if a correctly sized unit does not cool the home sufficiently, CoolBreeze will upgrade the roof unit to a more powerful unit at no charge!