Maxima Inverter technologyCoolBreeze systems have always been known for their superior airflow combined with high efficiency motor technology to provide excellent cooling capacity. Now CoolBreeze Maxima Inverter technology provides even further savings and functional performance.


Conventional air conditioning motors convert energy to heat when operating at lower speeds.  Our inverter technology reduces power consumption dramatically when used at lower speed, saving your energy costs.  Lower operating temperatures enable’s longer life for the motor.

Your comfort levels will be enhanced by having more precise control of the Maxima Inverter fan motor.  Comfort control at your fingertips!

The unique ‘golf-ball’ dimples of the fan blade, combined with the inverter motor gives more airflow for a given energy input – that means more air for less energy!

Precise control over the airflow allows for just a ‘whisper of air’ if that’s all you need.  Your family will enjoy quieter nights and you won’t disturb your neighbours either.

The Best Choice in Air Conditioning Systems

CoolBreeze premium quality evaporative air conditioning are designed and manufactured right here in Australia specifically for Australian conditions. The many unique features built into CoolBreeze mean that no other brand comes close to its cooling performance and energy efficiency.

Why choose evaporative air conditioning?

It cools your home using the same natural cooling principle you experience in a forest or by the sea. Fresh outside air is drawn through water-saturated heat-exchange filters which cool the air through evaporation, just as a sea breeze provides relief on a hot day.


The temperature that we feel as a direct result of air movement across our body on a hot day is known as the effective temperature. An effective temperature should not be confused with the actual temperature that you would read from a thermometer. When sensing a breeze, we feel colder even though the air stream produced by the breeze is the same temperature as the air. The cooling effect of air in motion is due to increased skin evaporation. Heat is removed from the body so you feel cooler.

Superior Efficiency and Superior Cooling

air conditioningIts super-efficient, direct-drive motor and unique Powerflow fan make it the most efficient evaporative air conditioner available today meaning even lower running costs, more cooling and super quiet operation.

The main components to the roof mounted evaporative  air conditioner unit include a water reservoir, a pump that circulates the water over the heat-exchange filters and a fan driven by an electric motor.  The fan draws fresh air through the wet heat-exchange filters.  This process cools the temperature of the air.  The cool air is then pushed by the fan through insulated ducting to each room of the house.

CoolBreeze drives a large volume of cool air through the home.  The cool air removes the heat build-up in the walls and structure of the house itself resulting in a pleasant, comfortable home filled with fresh, filtered, cool air.

Fresh Clean Air Every Day

It’s ingenious water management system and auto clean cycle means 100% fresh, clean, filtered air throughout your home every day.  Water usage is critical to the operation of evaporative air conditioners and the clever design of CoolBreeze provides a water reservoir of only 11 litres.

The unique water management system that pre-cleans the filter panels and washes out the reservoir every day ensures clean, fresh air every time you use your CoolBreeze.  The unique counter-weight water release valve combined with the CoolBreeze Magna-Sensor ensures a totally fail-safe water level setting that never needs adjusting.

The optional CoolBreeze built-in weather-seal ensures no drafts during the winter months.  Not only does this help keep you cosy but it means there is no need to climb on the roof to cover your air conditioner with a tarp or plastic bag.  Your CoolBreeze unit is always ready to go on the first hot day of the season.

Exhaust Function

Its unique exhaust function means cooking odours, smoke or stale air can be removed from anywhere in your home within minutes at the push of a button.  Only CoolBreeze features a convenient exhaust mode that freshens your home without the need to open windows to the cold outside air.  You can use CoolBreeze 365 days a year to remove cooking smells, pet odours and to keep your home fresh.

Save Money – Lots of Money

CoolBreeze purchase and installations costs are usually around half that of a comparable reverse cycle airconditioning system. Plus you can save around 80% on running costs compared to a reverse cycle system.

The most impressive feature of CoolBreeze compared to refrigerated air conditioning systems is the price.  Even the biggest CoolBreeze units are a fraction of the price of a comparable refrigerated unit.  But the big savings come with the running costs – the largest CoolBreeze residential unit uses less power than a standard refrigerated wall unit that cools just your living room.

No need to worry about whether it’s hot enough to turn on the aircon!   With CoolBreeze you can run the unit 24 hours a day for around the cost of running a refrigerated unit for just one hour!

Maintenance costs

The cost of replacement parts with refrigerated aircons can be astronomical.  A fan assembly typically costs around $600 and upwards and heaven help if the compressor fails!  You could easily be up for $1500 or more in maintenance costs.  The most expensive component in a CoolBreeze system is the motor and it retails for around $400.

It’s the Healthy Choice

100% cool, fresh, filtered air throughout your entire home means the whole family can sleep easy.  The natural principle used to cool the air means it is not dried out like reverse cycle air so no waking up with a dry nose or throat.

With CoolBreeze there is a continuous flow of fresh, filtered air into your home.  Fresh and cool, this airflow forces out stale air, which is never re-circulated.  Typically, all the air in your home is replaced 35 times per hour, unlike refrigerated airconditioning that repeatedly recycles the same air over and over again.

With its low energy costs and the use of water in place of ozone depleting refrigerant gases used in refrigerated airconditioner, CoolBreeze is not only better for your family, it’s better for the environment as well.

Whole of Home Cooling

Due to the high operating costs of refrigerated airconditioner, most systems are designed to only cool part of the home at a time as a unit capable of cooling the whole house at once would draw a massive amount of power.  This means that at the time of purchase you will need to guess which rooms you are likely to be occupying at any given point in the future – “I don’t need to cool the bedrooms during the day – unless one of the kids is sick, but then I won’t be able to use the home office…”  The low running cost of CoolBreeze air conditioners means you can cool your whole home and save 80% on your cooling bill.

The Great Aussie Indoor / Outdoor Lifestyle

Many Aussie homes are fitted with al fresco areas for entertaining and we often entertain and relax outside during the warmer months.  CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioner works best with doors and windows open as this promotes the flow of cool air through the home.

No need to worry about closing off areas to keep the cool air in.  Kids and pets can run in and out of the home and you can relax knowing an open door doesn’t mean the temperature inside the home will rise.

CoolBreeze gives you 100% cool, filtered air all summer.

Caring for the Environment

CoolBreeze does not use ozone damaging refrigerant gas or power hungry compressor motors like reverse-cycle aircon systems do.  Significantly less energy is consumed with a CoolBreeze resulting in a lower environmental impact and a smaller carbon footprint.

Our manufacturing plant in Welshpool WA, prides itself on its commitment to a program of “Recycle, Reduce and Reuse” to minimise our environmental impact.

The intelligent design of CoolBreeze air conditioners has resulted in a highly efficient product that excels in energy efficiency compared to other brands of evaporative air-cons and absolutely puts energy hungry refrigerated systems in the shade!

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