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Evaporative Air Conditioning – The Smart Option


A home fitted with a Coolbreeze evaporative air conditioning systemWhy do Coolbreeze owners feel good? For a start everyone feels good when they save money, and by choosing one of our Coolbreeze Evaporative Air Conditioning systems, you save money in both the short and long run. We call this the “Total Cost of Ownership” or TCO and it’s a great way to compare Air Conditioning systems.


For example, a 10 kW ducted refrigerative air-conditioner from a reputable manufacturer will cost around $9,500-$10,000 to be installed in your home. A Coolbreeze Evaporative Air Conditioning system for the same home, also with 8 outlets will cost approximately $4,200 installed. However, the annual running costs of the refrigerated unit will be around $985 compared to $240 for the Coolbreeze. Over a ten year period the TCO for the refrigerated system works out to $19,350 while the Coolbreeze is $6,600. Saving you $12,750 – now that feels good!


You will also feel good knowing that your family is breathing fresh filtered air rather than the same old air being recycled again and again. Your Coolbreeze Air Conditioner uses only air and water to cool your home, so there are no nasty chemicals and ozone depleting gases to cause environment damage. You can feel good about caring for the future of our planet – lower your carbon-footprint, less energy to run and fresh, filtered air – definitely feels good.


The Australian lifestyle which usually involves  friends over for a barbecue, the kids running in and out and not forgetting the pets, are all ideal for Coolbreeze Evaporative Air Conditioning because unlike Refrigerated Air Conditioners that need the house to be close off, Coolbreeze actually promotes that indoor/outdoor lifestyle. Why not add an outlet over your alfresco area?


With unique features such as exhaust mode, water management system and Powerflow fan to give more air while using less power, we know that you will feel good with your new Coolbreeze Air Conditioner.


Click on the Request Quote button up the top of the page and your local Coolbreeze Air conditioner specialist will arrange a free in-home quote or work out pricing from your plans. If you would like to find out more about Coolbreeze or Evaporative Cooling, visit our FAQ page for more information. Alternatively you can also our ‘How Evaporative Cooling Works’ page or our ‘Air Conditioning Perth’ page.