About CoolBreeze Evaporative Airconditioning

Cool Breeze Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioners have been made for the harsh Australian climate for more than 25 years. During this time Cool Breeze have been the innovators of the ducted evaporative air conditioning industry.

Cool Breeze is a great Australian success story, with Cool Breeze ducted evaporative air conditioners being exported to many countries.

Cool Breeze ducted evaporative air conditioners are world class products, with exceptionally high reliability, low maintenance and high performance. Capital and running costs are low.

Their effectiveness has been proven overĀ 25 years in extreme conditions, including high temperatures, sub-tropical climates and coastal environments.

The Cool Breeze dealer network now includes outlets in Australia and a continually expanding export market. Rapid expansion of the Australian and overseas network has been made possible by delivery of consistently high product quality, industry-leading innovation in design and excellent back-up service to distributors.


How Evaporative Airconditioners Work

Cooling_by_evaporativeMost of Australia is blessed with a climate that is ideal for evaporative air conditioning. Cool Breeze ducted evaporative air conditioning is the natural, healthy way to cool your home.

Unlike refrigerated ducted ar conditioning systems where air is dried, chilled and recirculated, a Cool Breeze ducted evaporative system uses the natural element of water to cool the air which is never re-circulated, as stale air is continually expelled through open doors and windows.

Cool Breeze ducted evaporative air conditioning is environmentally friendly as it uses no CFC's and very little power!

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