Evaporative Air Conditioning – The Smart Option

CoolBreeze is a proudly Australian owned and operated business and has been trading for over 25 years. While CoolBreeze services the air cooling needs of Australian’s across the country, our dedicated team of experts design, engineer and manufacture both domestic and commercial evaporative air conditioning units for people and organisations worldwide. Over time our proven technology and superior evaporative air conditioning products have cemented our place as a premium air cooling producer.

CoolBreeze offers refined and powerfully efficient ducted evaporative air conditioners that provide lower running costs for the consumer, more cooling for your home or business and super-quiet operation. Our ingenious water management system and auto clean cycle means 100% fresh, clean, filtered air throughout your home or work space. It’s cool air and it’s fresh!


Purchase and installation costs of a CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioner are considerably lower than a comparable reverse cycle air conditioner and running costs are around 90% less! A CoolBreeze unit has a considerably lower environmental impact and smaller carbon footprint than refrigerated cooling. That’s a win for the consumer and a win for the environment.

Our commitment to stringent quality processes is paramount and our network of air conditioner service providers is extensive across Australia and globally. CoolBreeze is affordable, low maintenance and the best air conditioning option for your home or business.

Are you considering buying a CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioner? Check out our website and click on the ‘Contact Us’ link. We’ll connect you with one of our naturally cool, authorised CoolBreeze dealers today!

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