Coolbreeze Evaporative Air Conditioning Parts, Maintenance and Services

Smart design coupled with top quality components makes life with a CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioning system simple and easy.

The unique counter-weight weather-seal not only automatically opens and closes each time your CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioning system operates to prevent drafts and heat loss but it also means that you don’t need to climb up on the roof (or pay a professional) to cover the roof unit with a plastic bag or unsightly tarpaulin.

The self-cleaning phase of the CoolBreeze Water management System not only ensures fresh clean air every time you use your CoolBreeze but because it washes the heat transfer filter panels after each use and drains all the water from the reservoir between use, there is no need to wash down the filter panels and scrub out the reservoir at the beginning of each summer. Your Coolbreeze evaporative cooling system is always ready to go whenever you need it.

evaporative air conditioning system
coolbreeze weather management system

Having said that CoolBreeze doesn’t need seasonal maintenance, we do however, recommend that you have the unit inspected and serviced by a professional air conditioning technician on a bi-annual basis to make sure everything is in tip-top shape for the up-coming summer and that any potential problems are caught before they stop your air-conditioner from performing correctly.

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