Ecologically Friendly Evaporative Cooler

By introducing large volumes of fresh, cool, filtered air into your home, the CoolBreeze evaporative cooler maintains a healthy environment for your family in contrast to refrigerated air conditioners that re-circulate the same air over and over again.

CoolBreeze air conditioners are kind to the environment too. Our manufacturing plant in Perth WA, prides itself on its commitment to a program of “Recycle, Reduce and Reuse” to minimise our environmental impact.

The intelligent design of CoolBreeze evaporative coolers has resulted in a highly efficient product that excels in energy efficiency compared to other brands of evaporative coolers and absolutely puts energy hungry refrigerated systems in the shade.

The Australia Government website states “However, [refrigerated systems] consume more energy and create more greenhouse gases than fans and efficient evaporative cooling systems”.

Minimal water usage made possible by the unique CoolBreeze Water Management System combined with a small water reservoir of only 11 litres is another way the CoolBreeze air-conditioners have less impact on our precious resources than comparable evaporative air conditioning units.

Ecologically Friendly Evaporative Cooler

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