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Heritage Residential Air Conditioning
Cascade Residential - Air Con Model Range

With over 200 system combinations available, there is a CoolBreeze system to suit you and your home.

Choose from the traditional styled Heritage range or the discrete, good looks of the roof-hugging Cascade. Then choose one of the five colourways to match your roof, including our exclusive ‘Ebony’ to suit the popular charcoal & black roofing colours.

Your dealer will select the appropriate sized unit to suit the requirements of your home. They will take into account such factors as ceiling height, home orientation, large glass areas and other components that will affect the heat load of the home.

CoolBreeze guarantees the performance of our air conditioning units – if a correctly sized unit does not cool the home sufficiently, CoolBreeze will upgrade the roof unit to a more powerful unit at no charge. Now that’s peace of mind (see ComCool design sheet for details).

There is a choice of two controller’s; the simple to use QM Wall Mounted Controller or the automatic temperature control of the QA Controller which also features a timer function. This is ideal for setting the unit to turn off two or three hours after you go to bed.

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