Switch Your Airconditioning


If it sounds too good to be true, it just might be!

There has been a recent move to offer ‘free’ reverse cycle air-conditioning as part of new home building packages in Perth and throughout Western Australia. Unfortunately, this free offer is a gift that can come at a high cost.

The alternative evaporative system:

  • Could cost as little as 10% of the running costs of a reverse cycle system
  • Will have a lower total cost over the life of the reverse cycle system
  • Will contain no chemical refrigerants to damage the ozone layer
  • Will cool your entire home at once, not just a portion of it
  • At CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioning we feel it is important you are aware that there are alternatives to paying up to $4000 extra per year to run a reverse cycle air conditioning system you were offered ‘for free’

    Why choose Coolbreeze?

  • Made in Welshpool by a Western Australian owned company
  • Guaranteed to be sized correctly using our ’ComCool’ design software
  • Patented technology with innovation & reliability designed into the product
  • Installed by companies who specialise in air conditioning homes
  • Complete the form below and we will assist your builder with providing you with a CoolBreeze Evaporative cooling option
    Alternatively, ask your builder for a low cost CoolBreeze air conditioning option when choosing your air-conditioning

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