Cool Breeze Ducted Air Conditioning Technology

Exhaust Mode - Exclusive to CoolBreeze

“Use your CoolBreeze 365 days of the year!”

Only CoolBreeze offers you this unique feature standard with every model. At the touch of a button, every outlet of your CoolBreeze system is transformed into a powerful extraction fan - clearing your entire home of stale air and unwanted odours. Use your CoolBreeze every day even in winter to freshen your home without the need to open windows to the cold outside air.


All Seasons Weather Seal (Optional)

Automatically seals off airflow to and from your home when the air conditioning system is not operating. Prevents cold drafts entering your home as well as heat loss in winter through the ducting and air conditioning system.


Quietest Performance

An efficient design coupled with noise absorbing polymer construction and our advanced fan technology, all combine to make CoolBreeze one of the quietest systems on the market today.

CoolBreeze technology has developed the quietest performing evaporative airconditioner available, without reducing all important airflow!


Electronic Temperature Control

Another first for CoolBreeze was the introduction of electronic temperature control, currently available on the QA series controller. Simply set your desired temperature and your CoolBreeze evaporative airconditioner will work to the best of it's ability to keep your home at that temperature. The unit will even turn itself off at night and on again the following morning when it is in Automatic Temperature Mode.


Intelligent Water Management System

CoolBreeze were the first and are still the only airconditioning company to introduce a fully automatic, whole of unit, water management system to all their domestic systems. Outdated Bleed systems are not even available as an option.

Your CoolBreeze system will be protected with the technologically advanced water management system reducing water usage and extending the life of the filter pads by removing deposit build-up. The Water Manager comes standard with every system. A unique wash, flush and drain cycle at the start of each day ensures a cleaner system requiring less maintenance. When the unit is turned off it also preforms the same automatic maintenance cycle to ensure all the contaminants filtered out of the air are flushed out of the system, and then drains the water to ensure the sump is dry when the unit is not in use.

Efficiency can be kept at maximum levels by adjusting the Water Manager to suit varied water qualities. A periodic drain cycle maintains water purity, ensuring the lowest possible water usage while achieving maximum cooling. At the end of the day, the pads are automatically flushed with fresh water, leaving them clean and free of impurities.

A main water saving feature exclusive to CoolBreeze is it's 11 litre sump. Every time the sump drains, only 9 litres of sump water is used. This is the lowest level of water usage for any unit available.



Polymer Casing

Premium grade and exceptionally tough polymer, it's integral strength, resistance and durability to weathering, including UV degradation is unmatched by any other casing material. There is absolutely no corrosion which is common in metal casings. Your CoolBreeze will not crack and it will never corrode, always performing as good as the day it was installed.



Direct Drive Fan Technology

CoolBreeze Airconditioners feature sophisticated direct drive fan technology. This direct coupling of our fan to the airconditioner motor ensures the lowest level of loss due to friction with driving pulleys and belts. This leads to one of the highest reliability levels possible. Our low weight, high airflow design fans ensure the lowest running costs possible.



So Simple

So Reliable

All CoolBreeze systems have our very own automatic water level adjustment system. This is the end of periodic water level adjustment. Accurate to within 1mm, no more sticky ball floats or rubber washers to wear. No more electronic probes to become corroded. Our Magna-Sensor is guaranteed never to require adjustment. The simplicity and accuracy of the Magna-Sensor uses magnetic field technology to measure and regulate water flow and levels in the base.